The West End Well Co-op closed its grocery and café in the fall. SuzyQ Doughnuts, a local, family owned business and a popular Hintonburg destination, is the new tenant at 969 Wellington Street West. It offers an exquisite range of donuts to savvy aficionados.

The West End Well still manages the second floor and shares the upstairs space with the Sustainable Capacity Centre (SCC). The Centre provides office space for several full and part-time tenants from a variety of sustainability organizations, as well as services such as bookkeeping and networking and capacity-building events. For more information on SCC and its services, please click here or contact  Kathryn, at 1-888-385-1154 or

We also rent part of the second-floor space to like-minded groups, members, and individuals (read about our values at, for business meetings, birthday celebrations, community events, and other functions. Check our space rental page for more information.

We are going to take some time to reinvent ourselves. In the meantime, we don’t want to lose touch, so we’ll organize community gatherings on a regular basis. Our e-newsletter will provide more information about our process for moving forward, the next gathering, and other news (sign up for the newsletter here). 

To get in touch with us, please contact